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Our Poetry Section
By Anthony - 5 Mar 2011

Re: A New Beginning By Mary T. Hoffman

Great poem to read, Mary.. it echo's my thoughts.. one and all!

Amen- May our Lord come. I grieve for all the animals too- There's a lot of talk that 'end times' are near. The day, the hour- Well, some think they know the day, month and year- I can't say I believe that. There is no way that God will keep Harold Camping's promise that is for sure- (I'm sure you've heard of him?). Harold Camping (Family Radio) seems to have forgotten (probably amidst his pride) that he is a man- and we all know that no man knows the day nor the hour not even the Son, but the Father.

Harold Camping might be a pretty good guy.. but no matter because even in our most righteous form we are actually 'filthy rags' when compared with our Lord- Only God knows how filthy. So, Harold says that May 21, 2011 is the day of Rapture and unimaginable earthquakes-

But I have to tell you, as crazy as I think he is about putting a day/month/year to the Rapture- I must admit sometimes I think he may only be off by days or weeks or maybe 2012- I guess what I'm really saying is this; I don't know if 'end times' are close at hand- but I do know this much- I pray for this world to end because it is simply pure evil!

Oh Jesus, Come! No matter my fate- I am not for this world. I live here but so many parts of me are dead already- and I know that He knows... And I know that He loves me- because He lets me know every single day one way or another.