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Our Poetry Section
Comments by Mary - 17 Sep 2010

In Reference to: Four Little Foxes

I'm 72 years old, but remember my high school English teacher, Miss Eva Gammill, who often read poetry to the class when we were not studying great works by Shakespeare, etc.

I recently repeated Lew Sarett's poem, Four Little Foxes, from somewhere in my subconscious mind, almost without error, to a family member! She couldn't understand how I was able to remember it!

Sometimes I think about phrases from poems that made an impression on my young mind, such as "chilling and killing my Annibel Lee.".

Dr. Saratt had a brilliant mind, and I'm grateful for his contributions that created a great awareness of man's obligation to protect wildlife. I'd like for his family to know that sometimes our lives are affected by people who don't even know us! I'm sorry that he died at the age of 66. We'll never know just how much he influenced mankind or what he could have written if his life had been longer!