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Comments by Karen B. - 29 Dec 2007

Re: Every Dog Goes To Heaven By Carol Vito

I found your webpage - sent along by one of our Christian sisters in our site to the founder of our Nothing But Scotties, Jan - who lost her beloved Scotty girl, Piper Jane early this morning 12-29-07. Piper was just shy of her 9th birthday & passed away peacefully in her sleep in the vet hospital. We at the site are absolutely devastated. Piper Jane was Jan's inspiration to start NBS, and we at the site love our scotty dogs - that's why we're there. Losing Piper was like losing one of our very own dogs. We have all been sending our condolences to Jan in the loss of dear Piper Jane. This came on so suddenly - right around Christmas, and although we don't have all the details yet - we presume it was acute kidney failure - that was the initial diagnosis.

Many of us there are from the Christian perspective, and although the Bible doesn't say outright that animals are in Heaven - we feel that there are some indications in Scripture there is hope to this effect. I lost my own beloved Scotty Jakey-Bob in June at age 12, and am still mourning for him. I found great comfort in your poem - especially the part about God speaking to us in time of grief by means of Nature. This summer several weeks after Jake passed away - I was on our front deck - just sobbing and thinking of him, how very much I missed him. It was near sunset, and the sky was particularly beautiful... Soft clouds were drifting by - in colors of soft pinks, blues, and light purples. The clouds themselves were tinged underneath with gold from the setting sun, and I don't ever remember seeing such a glorious display of God's handiwork. (The Heaven's declare the Glory of the Lord...) As I was looking up at the sky - all of a sudden a cloud passed right over me that looked exactly like Jake's profile, and as I caught sight of it - I gasped "Oh my God - it's Jake!!!!!" A sense of awe and wonder and love and peace went thru my soul, and I just knew that somehow it was a message from Jake that the Lord gave to me. That he was just fine, and loved me still. Even though my tears continued to flow - I knew in my heart that Jake was somehow still with me. I will never forget that precious message from my loving God to comfort my sad heart.

I am so glad that I found your poem.

God bless you for having this site, I pray that it will also bring comfort to Jan as she comes to terms with Piper Jane's passing

Karen B.

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