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Comments by Bill - 28 Aug 2007

Re: The Lord God Planted a Garden and God's Garden

Frank & Mary,

Considering that Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote poems and hymns, I’m not sure if we will ever solve the mystery completely. Nevertheless, having no intention of spending $50 to $125 on a book, I did the next best thing. I sent an email to Pilgrim Reader and asked about the work in Dorothy Frances Gurney’s book “Poems.” Here’s their response:

Dear Bill,

I have the book in hand and the poem, "God's Garden", is the first poem in the book on page 1. It has 4 stanzas with each one having 4 lines. It is in the section subtitled "Miscellaneous Poems"

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
Kindest regards -

John Lynch.

That answers any questions about the title of the poem! In her own book the title is “God’s Garden.” To my surprise, there are only 4 stanzas!

Next, I will attempt to make an inquiry about the sheet music to see if I can find that 5‘th stanza. If the song (hymn) version, which we’ve found to have been published much earlier than the book, includes the 5’th stanza, we will have confirmed your suspicions.

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