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Comments by Katie O'Kief - 23 Mar 2006

Re: 4-H BOY

I came across this poem while I was looking for something my son could use in his counties 4-H speech contest. While it is a lovely poem, written by someone who has obviously worked hard on a 4-H project, I would have to say that in our experience not all of the poem rings true. My children have raised, showed and sold beef cattle at our county fair. They work hard to prepare their animals for fair and form a bond with animals they show. They are excited and happy when they get a ribbon and they are definitely proud of their animal. They are proud of the work they have done to prepare their animal for the show ring and are proud knowing that the work they have done will feed families. It is sometimes hard to see your animal be sold for slaughter, there is no denying that fact, for we are not uncaring people. But my family knows that by raising and caring for these animals we are doing good things by providing people healthy, nutritious and satisfying meat. When their animals are being sold at auction they are there with them. The money they receive is in their name and will be used for a college education. They are with them when they are hauled to slaughter. They are not there to gloat or satisfy a blood lust. They are there to say good-bye and thank their animal for providing all that it does.

Thanks for your time,
Katie O'Kief

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