Our Spiritual Interconnectedness
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Our Spiritual Interconnectedness
Comments by Ray Barta - 14 Apr 2006

I had another thought punched into my head the other day.

We have all heard the scientific studies that have been done about people taking cats & dogs to recovering patients in hospitals, and the studies indicate that people heal quicker when they get to experience the love of a pet while they are recuperating.

I have also heard of a test being done on rabbits in a lab. The test was about different cures for a disease that was given to the rabbits. I think it was leukemia or cancer. One group of rabbits were doing much better than all the other groups. When the scientist looked for the reason, they were puzzled, as this group were getting the same drugs as many of the other groups. They finally started watching the rabbits more closely. What they found was: The interns that were to feed the rabbits & clean the cages, were just doing that in a professional and indifferent way. This one group, however, had a female intern that would take the rabbits out of the cage & sit with them on her lap and hug them & talk to them. The scientist concluded that this behavior was making the difference in the rabbits fighting the disease.

I have also heard of a scientific study about the power of prayer. That when a group of people pray for the recovery of a patient, even when that person does not know they are people are praying for them, the people that are being prayed for, recover quicker and have a lower mortality rate.

Scientist will say that in the first two cases above, that our brains release endorphins and serotonin and feel other "good drugs" that relax our bodies and help us to heal quicker. But this does not explain the patients that don't know that people are praying for them.

There is also much folklore about witches & voodoo that suggest that wishing someone harm, may cause them to be harmed. I agree that this is not science, but it does give reason to wonder.

My hypothesis is: We are all connected by the life that is in us. That this life is from God and God is the source for all life. That when one being is wishing another being "well" or giving another being love & affection, that something real & unseen is actually transferred to the receiving being. That the way that we treat other beings can & does directly effect our own health. That if we are cruel to this earth and the being on it, there could be a real negative effect to our own bodies, as the being that we are cruel to have harmful feeling about us. Conversely, if we live in harmony, and love & cherish all beings, and seek to only help & never harm other beings, we might receive positive "Life-Force" energy from them and as a result, from God as well.

Man's general involvement on this planet is with general disregard for the pain & suffering that he causes other beings. That there are more beings in cages waiting to be killed & eaten for man's pleasure, than there are people on earth. Man is taking other beings from our oceans for the temporary pleasure of taste, by the billions of beings everyday. Man is bulldozing down the rain forest (home to billions of beings) to grow cattle. Man does not live in harmony with the other beings that we share Life with. Man might be getting a lot of negative thoughts from the entire nonhuman population of this planet.

I wonder what effect this has on us.

All life is sacred.........Love & Compassion for all.


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