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Our Fox Photos
Comments by Den - 21 Mar 2009

These comments are from: Our Neighbors: The Foxes and Red Fox

I just read through your "Neighbor Foxes" page and loved it. I just adore Foxes. There are few other animals that are as expressive, inquisitive, and just plain magical to watch. Every time I see one (or ANY animal for that matter) I just get a rush. It's almost spiritual. A cure for the soul that no drug or exercise method can touch!

I agree with you on the Fur market. It's such a horrible abomination. But it makes me angrier still that these same people claim to be God loving Christians, doing God's will. I didn't know God wanted us to slaughter all his animals and wreck the earth. Sounds more like the devils will. They've twisted religion to serve their own greed.

I can't wait for the day when it ends, and I hope that day is soon.

Thank God for groups like you that teach compassion and kindness, for that is the only way mankind will ever evolve.