Our Fox Photos

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Our Fox Photos
Comments by Stasi Anastasi - 3 Mar 2006

These comments are from: Our Neighbors: The Foxes and Red Fox

Dear Frank

Such beautiful creatures! I printed all the photos you took, and have them close to me, they give us so much happiness.

I too have foxes where I live; in fact, they have been around since 2003. That’s when I first notice them wandering in the garden two at the time, one was defiantly mum, and the other I assume was dad, so I started to leave them dog biscuits and dog food.

One night I accidentally left the garage doors open; it was summer, so I wasn't to bothered. I often leave dog food and dog biscuits, as spare in there, and one night I could here noises out in the garden, but wasn't to bothered as I knew it was the foxes, but in the morning, I discovered a big bag of biscuits were gone, only the plastic bag remained. I chuckled to myself, knowing it was the foxes. So now I always leave biscuits as well as dog food. I'd rather they eat and not wonder to much in the streets, as you do so many killed in the roads.

Last year around May-June I noticed mum bring something furry and small in the garden. I wasn't sure what it was at first, as it was very fast. I then noticed that she had brought her cub to meet me, and show him or her where the food was. I was so excited, and after a few days she slowly brought two more. It was such an exciting moment of my life. I felt so happy and honored that they were all in my garden, and at the time also baby blue tits had nested in the bird box that I had made, so lots of babies. It was great, and at that time, I had had an operation on my leg, so I was at home for a couple of months. I felt really happy, even though I was on crutches. I felt really happy, watching mummy blue tit, feeding her babies. I never saw anyone work so hard, I hung an apple for them on the washing line; mum loved it, and so did the babies.

This winter I haven’t seen to much of mum and I was concerned, but I know that they are around, as the food is always gone in the morning, and I caught a glimpse of two at the back of the garage, so I felt happy, that they are around. My sister, who lives in the States, said perhaps she's having her new babies, and I have been reading up when the foxes do have there babies, and it should be now, so I look forward to seeing them in a couple of months when they venture out in the big world.

Peace and love to you and your family and foxes.