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By Lisa - 20 Mar 2015

In Reference to: Mother bear kills cub then self at Chinese bile farm

I've been on your site under the name pittbulllove102000@yahoo.com  and I'm vegan..   my name is Lisa Lammon..  I was on line fb reading about the     bear bile and the few bears that are in a sanctuary.. I Then came across a women who when into the bile bears to  fix their eye so to see again.  and Then I was reading where more groups went to the Thailand Temple and a dark room for a year where the kept  bears.  They gave them one that was broken down,  at its end.. and of course poor thing finally Died.. but the group said the vets.. that these Licenses.. they were buying OUT the bile bears and soon in years I guess could buy them out. and the government did want to re new the bile bears.   Finally  but there is still like 20,000 of them  in Asia..   with all this  just trying to let you know what ive learned in SHORT...    and then came across your site.. with more information  of the tools and the sad story of the bear mom killing her baby then herself.   I just almost am happy for her.. is this evil at its greatest. the dark rooms even now as we sit here full of bears suffering .. I will always pray though the day and evening for these animals and hope for Christ return  For to save our animals .. Satan is trying his evilness on our animals   all of them but soon  we will all be with Christ. and our animals   as he made us   to be with them.   with us with him in Glory.. Just wanted to say Thank you for your  posts about the animals..     and your kindness..      i too feel as you do   just wanted you to know.    I feel so bad..  always for them..

Lisa and my dog Nora.

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