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By Ananya - 3 Nov 2014

In Reference to: Pregnancy at Slaughter: What Happens to the Calves?

I had go through this horrible article of slaughterhouse,  though I'm not a meat eater from childhood still I'm feeling sorry to myself,  as I do consume dairy products, I'm an animal lover  and have soft heart so I was unable to watch this brutal video,  I never support animal killing as I'm Bengali, in West Bengal and other parts of India, religious sacrifices are frequently happening in public with a great deal of public support, and enjoyment, man is rational, until and unless someone feel this pain from within his own heart, all effort will be in vain.  

Man has no right to perish nature and its creatures in this brutal way to cherish his lifestyle . I strictly oppose this act, and pray to mankind to be kind and compassionate. 


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