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By Nora - 23 Dec 2013

In Reference to: What’s Wrong with American Humane Association?

Dear Patty,

I read your impeccably researched and well-written article ‘What’s Wrong with American Humane Association?’ with great interest.

I was sick to my stomach when I heard that a squirrel was skinned alive in the 2010 movie, ‘Winter’s Bone’. I had never heard of the film and have absolutely no intention of seeing it. However, I was left thinking that I don’t remember hearing of a public outcry over the scene. I either missed this news or the audience were so cruel and insensitive that they were not especially bothered by it and this makes me feel very disheartened.

In your next article, would you consider exploring the use of CGI instead of real animals? Perhaps, if filmmakers are offered alternatives, they would be less likely to use real animals who clearly belong in the wild with their families and able to follow their natural instincts.

Best regards,


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