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By Corey - 20 Dec 2013

In Reference to: Human Crimes Against Animals: Part 17. Fur Trapping

Ok you and everyone like you need to open your eyes.  Yes there are SOME trappers out there that are irresponsible in how they set and how often they check their trap lines.  However, for the rest of us it is a great way to help farmers and our counties control or remove animals that are destroying land, livestock, and roadways and make a small living on the side. My family has been trapping and hunting on these lands for many generations and I will continue to pass the trade onto my sons and daughters.   This is America and you do have the right to your free speech but stop trying to change our ways of life.   I hope we don't but there may very well come a day when the grocery store shelves run empty for whatever reason and our skills as trappers, hunters, and fishermen are once again needed to provide food for our families for some people out there that are so poor they are already having to provide food this way. So I ask you why should I not have the right to pass on the trades that my family has passed on to me to my children and their children in case the time may come when they to must provide for their family?   Just because you and others like you do not hunt, fish, or trap does not give you the right to take that from us.

You do your thing and let us do our thing the same way YOUR ancestors did long before you were even a twinkle in your daddy's eye!

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