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By Sylvia - 11 Sep 2013

In Reference to: Here's What's Wrong With Vivisection

I cannot understand why alternative methods of testing drugs are not known to the general public. I have been against animal testing for years but I did not know about the alternatives.

I think more people would care, if only for selfish reasons, if they knew animal testing is unreliable.

I have found trying to get people to sign Stop Vivisection very depressing, they do not want to know! I work in that NHS, surely they are meant to be caring people? But if they do not care about a defenseless animal, what does that say about them! 

I am shocked that so many of my colleagues do not seem interested, it seems they think patients are all that matters, but surely caring about patients does not mean they can't care about animals?  They seem so apathetic; it makes me angry.

Thank goodness for the people that do care, I despair about the others!!!!

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