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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Fran Tatu - 14 Sep 2012

In Reference to: Big Step Forward for Rights of Dolphins and Whales

Dear Frank & Mary,

Thank you for your speedy reply! Good to hear re Seaworld. There is also a pending case w/the Georgia Aquarium which is trying to acquire 18 beluga whales from Russia. We have until Oct. 24th to protest this action---but it escapes me at this moment who to contact.

I'm now looking at Oct. 27 as a possible date for our protest/educational campaign, to coordinate w/events in England. I'm a spiritual pacifist and have been impressed by the non-violence surrounding the Occupy campaign--save for the bullying authorities. All it would take is one Occupy protestor to commit an act of violence & voila, the 1% could make a case to silence them for good. Thus, my concern is that PETA or one hot-headed emotional animal lover will attempt something violent out of frustration, and I'd be responsible. Any ideas on this?  I've picketed before, but it was on a smaller scale and manageable.

Yes, please send me your newsletter, wonderful. I like the idea of a press conference, will do my best to arrange this as well.

Peace and gratitude to you  both! Many blessings,

Fran Tatu