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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Nina - 12 Apr 2012

In Reference to: Examining Temple Grandin and the Humane Slaughter Paradox

I am beginning to believe that it is our planet that is at risk if we do not stop growing animals for food.   Cows especially emit Green House Gasses.  

This is of course is besides the gross brutality of slaughtering animals against their will.  They are frightened when smelling the blood involved with slaughter, those must be almost worse than the experiences of mans wars.  

Humans do not need meat,  and that is where we need to go,  to clean up our planet,  stop all of the raising of farm animals and concentrate on a plant based diets.  Of course this is a fantasy,  humans are not catching onto the importance of eliminating green house gasses.  

As far as the word humane is involved,   there is no humane slaughter, slaughter is killing and there is no such thing as a decent way to kill an innocent animal.