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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Marie Gilman - 10 Oct 2011

In Reference to: Catalina Island Bison Birth Control Is Working

Hi again!

Yes I agree we are in a dreadful situation of enormous numbers of animals being bred for human consumption (and destroying rainforest and other pristine land to boot!). I am on the verge of veganism so that I can feel I am doing something about that.

However, to keep to my specific, original point here, the petition I actually signed was expressing my opinion against giving birth control to some wild bison somewhere simply because someone alleged their numbers were "too high" (in other words, they must have been encroaching on human space). But then, surprise, surprise! They actually announced that "the birth control measures had worked"!!! But of course they would - it works in humans, so why not bison? What a stupid, unnecessary remark. And that is the reason why I wrote what I did - not to get into the wider subject of veganism. One thing at a time please!

Yours sincerely

Marie Gilman in the UK