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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Laura - 3 Aug 2011

In Reference to: The Animal Hell That is the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

I hope you don't mind but I posted the Starwberry Fudge video on my Facebook page with a comment on the recent deaths at the rodeo.

Travellling around the country with my horses has given me a lot of horsemen. Hopefully they will spread the word about this cruel activity.

I went to a rodeo in Colorado during a family reunion. There was a young bareback bronc who tried to jump out of the shoot getting tangled in the fence. He was moved to another pen in full view of the crowd where he continued his panic and jumping. A couple men stood on the fence and beat him with whips to keep him from jumping. After he fell and the men made little effort to get him up and out I headed over to the backside where the pens were with my vet tech daughter.

The young horse was up but shaking and cut up. My daughter looked him over (said he needed IV fluids, wound cleaning and x-rays of a leg he was favoring. A lot of the horses were in terrible condition. We were threatened by some men back there and physically ushered out. When I voiced my concern about the young horse (even asked if we could buy him) I was told by rodeo mgmt. that "these animals are given excellent treatment" because they relied on them for their income. What else can be done to bring this cruel "sport" to public attention?

In the show-jumpers we can be eliminated for "excessive use" of punishment - usually a couple crop smacks for refusals. Excessive to most judges is 3. And we were protested by PETA at one show when they should be at the rodeos. And since I've been an adult I will never ride in a carriage again. Daughter has also made curbside exams- respiration, dehydration, hot or swollen joints. Some drivers don't mind but most get furious. I hate seeing a horse towing around 6 people in heat, up hills. I'm not without care problems - one horse injured his eye running into a tree in turnout and one tore a ligament. But I felt horrible about those injuries and spent thousands on vet care, stem cell treatments etc.

I work with many rescue groups incl horse slaughter - rescued my TB from a kill buyer, have 8 rescue dogs. What can we do about rodeo animals abuse? My husband says the calves and cows are just going to be eaten so it isn't that bad. I'm a vegan and he can't understand.

Sorry so long but your video has enraged me. I know we cannot end rodeos but perhaps can get better vet oversight. Bless you for caring and keep up the efforts.

Laura and all my dogs, cats, and horses.