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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Paul - 29 Jun 2011

In Reference to: Green Senator Endorses Killing Australian Camels to Reduce Global Warming

To Whom it May concern.

It is a very big concern for a lot of suffering People. So wipe out the camel, did any one do any real research on the Benefits of the Camel. Like Diabetes, Autism, Heart, Allergies, ect.

There is a World Shortage of camels. In the USA. there screaming out for camels milk, at $35 a Liter. A cow camel and its calf is Worth $18,000 US. I have just Put 83 camels to good use. The Kohi camel and Hirani will Put out 10 to 20 Liters of milk a day. Now with out Drinking it I can show How to turn a liter of milk into $100. so if you where to milk 4 camels a day by 10 People, 10 Days, 100 Days, You do the sums.

I know something needs to be done, we been sitting on our Hands for to long, its negative wiping out the camels its a positive to farm them. For How many years has our Farmers been going threw Droughts.

If the guys only knew what to do with the camel a lot of families and people wouldn't be suffering in times of Hard times. The Camel is a PERFECT ANIMAL, and Unique Animal, is never placed in Research and Development Projects Properly. So Could Some one please speak for me or pass this on to a Positive person to do a positive thing for the CAMEL.