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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Judy - 17 Jun 2011

In Reference to: If You Think that Animal Experiments are Essential...

It's the greatest message I have ever read in my whole life time and I might say you have the information well put together.

I have a great admiration for you and your work. I would like to copy this information for the non believers and those that don't have computers. I hope you keep up this work for every one to read. I have refused all doctors help a very long time ago, I had a gut feeling things were not right.

A woman died a few years ago because of an experimental drug gone bad and the government blamed it on herbs in which the woman was only taking one mild herb per week; I am still taking the same herb in which the woman was accused of taking that caused her death, "NOT". The world is not a safe place to live.

Thank you for your info. god bless

Best regards,