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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Phil - 4 Apr 2011

In Reference to: Patrick the "Garbage Dog"

Regarding the article About Patrick the "Garbage Dog", posted by Marge Demello of ASI.:

Yes, animals should be protected from undue cruelty. Not because they are somehow on par with humans though. And in part because cruelty to animals can be a step toward cruelty to humans.

Care should be given to keeping our attitudes in line with reality and reason. Is it evil to have a horse pull our plow or dogs pull the Eskimos sled?

I once talked to a woman who had read a book describing experiments that suggested that plants feel pain and sense the trauma of other plants. She was uneasy about eating vegetables!

And what about the organisms in that yogurt you ate?

Can you see where purely emotional thinking can lead?

Also, look at the animals themselves. Our cat showed no mercy to the mangled rabbit he brought to our porch and he certainly didn't need it for food. Yes, we should better control our cat.

Balance, good sense, and reason.