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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Madhu Sugavanam - 3 Dec 2010

In Reference to: A New Beginning for Dolphins?

Animal activists do not take extreme views. They just see the humans and their actions from the animals point of view.

Whether it is the Cetaceans in the Sea World, or in Oceanariums or elsewhere in captivity around the world, their plight is the same. Imprisoned and held captive against their will, what do they have to look forward to in their concrete tanks day after day? Perform tricks in front of people, not because they want to, not because they love their trainers or people so much but because that is the only way they get to EAT!. Everyone should read the book 'Rekindling the Waters - The truth about swimming with dolphins' by Leah Lemieux. People will then understand the horror and the unnecessary tragedy that a whole pod of dolphins go through just so that a few of their family can land up in Sea World or Oceanariums around the world for public entertainment! The rest of the pod just perish.

As long as there is a demand for these whales and dolphins, there will be people around the world trying to make a easy buck. The public who go to see the dolphins in the Sea World/oceanariums are silently endorsing the killing of pods and pods of dolphins. It is a lucrative business for dolphin and whale catchers. These are people with no ethics, who have no compunction about subjecting these innocent, intelligent, defenseless creatures to horrifying ordeal of capture. Who cares how many die and suffer as long as they harvest a few to sell?

People who see the whale or dolphin shows, or see them in oceanariums, might have no idea how these animals landed there or how the dolphins and whales, who are used to big oceans and live in a community, feel, living in a small concrete tanks. Dolphins and whales have intelligent brains close to that of a human being. Reading Leah Lemieux's book gives a deep insight to these beautiful creatures world. One then HAS to empathize with the animals and cry along with them as you feel THEIR misery and THEIR frustration at not being able to free themselves from the concrete prison where they are stuck for a lifetime, for no fault of their own. Read the book and THEN decide whether you till want to support Sea World and other Oceanariums to exhibit Cetaceans.

It is one thing to watch animals in their natural habitat and quite another to see them in captivity. Just because they are dumb and defenseless it is not right to take advantage of it with our superior power. Which is why people who care for them lend them our voices and speak for them.

In this day and age of iPads and digital entertainment are we all so outmoded that we have to have animals to entertain us? We have museums that show 3D movies of Dinosaurs that bring those extinct creatures alive on the screen! Similar shows can be done about dolphins and whales at Sea World and other places and attract the same crowd they are drawing now but WITHOUT putting the quite unnecessary dolphin and whale shows! If they do not stop now they WILL be driving these creatures to extinction!