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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Stu Rosen - 11 Nov 2010

In Reference to: Sex Assaults Make Animals of Humans

Despite the topics being discussed increasingly being objectified as green rants, I have to say hats off to the die hard animal supporters that believe so strongly in the humane treatment of all farmed livestock.

Back yard breeders and blatant animal cruelty by industry, as seen in such industries as pig and puppy farming should have no place and absolutely should be removed before it becomes common practice.

Cruelty for the sake of a meal should never be considered passé or irrelevant.

Most of us enjoy the company of animals and it is a fact of life that animal farming is for our consumption is routine. It is another thing to turn a blind eye to blatant animal cruelty or worse becoming actively complacent or accepting of practices that should be outlawed.

Stu Rosen