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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Mike O'Shaughnessy - 10 Nov 2010

In Reference to: Sex Assaults Make Animals of Humans

Jenny is correct of course. We share most of our characteristics with our fellow animals – especially the mammals but also with the birds and other species.

When dealing with them we should start from the assumption that they are very much the same as us – capable of much the same suffering, pleasures and concerns.

The only problem I have with the article is the heading – selected, I presume, by an editor. It contradicts the message of the content. By suggesting that when we do something crude, cruel or stupid we are behaving ‘like animals’ it perpetuates the myth that humans are separate from and above our fellow beings. We’re not. We may be smarter but there are lots of other aspects of life where we’re outdone by other species. We are all cousins. We need to start treating the nonhumans with a lot more respect and compassion.

Mike O'Shaughnessy