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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 31 May 2010

In Reference to: Today, Orange Monkeys - Tomorrow?

Dear Sally:

Thank you for your comments, and we look forward to receiving your stories. We are also happy to hear that your bears are vegans.

Like Jenny, we agree that sanctuaries can provide the most natural habitat possible for captive animals, however as you point out, they are still captive for their own protection, as are companion animals, and from our own experience and research, when these animals are receiving love, compassion and care, they most often prefer to live this way. This is why we are interested in your stories of rescued animals, and hopefully you will include something about human/animal relationships.

Are you familiar with Isaiah's prophecy of the peaceable kingdom (Isaiah 11:6-9)? We have seen enough evidence and examples to believe that this kind of relationship can exist in the here and now, and we are working for this kind of compassionate living for humans, animals, and the environment we all live in.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary