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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Ruth Eisenbud - 5 May 2010

In Reference to: Say No to Sanctified Animal Abuse

If you are incapable of engaging in a civil discussion please refrain from irrelevant name calling…

Thought you might like to see a comment from someone who did not find the Letter to the Clergy so unpalatable:

“I have been following with great interest your dialogue with Prof. Schwartz and I would like to congratulate you on the contents of the Letter you posted online. I was deeply moved to read it and I found the quotations you used very well chosen and powerful (the text on the site which is hosting the petition). May I have your permission to post your Letter, with my annotations in French, on a few French-speaking sites, so that more attention can be drawn to this highly sensitive and deeply moving religious issue?”

And “You are addressing the issues intelligently and articulately.”

Ruth Eisenbud