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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Brenda Hixenbaugh - 20 Jan 2010

In Reference to: Sad Tale of Baby Elephant

This is exactly right and if people would put themselves in these animals existence for even a day. They would understand how really terrible an animals life is. Great story Jenny.

I think the human race needs to get over itself. Thousands of animals are put at risk daily because of people, and their excessive need for entertainment no matter at what price an animal has to pay.

Babies of every kind are ripped away from their mothers, because somewhere some one is saying, "Isn't that just so sweet; I sure would like to have one." And so these people or poachers go after these animals.

And zoo's at least a lot of them try and they also fail in many ways. These animals should be free. Try putting yourself and your child in these animals place. Now think about it.