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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Arvina - 20 Dec 2009

In Reference to: In Praise of "The New Welfarism"

Dear Frank and Mary,

No, he did not. There are some things that I control though. There is no longer a huge freezer full of meat. I quit cleaning fish, so he had to quit fishing. He controlled the fishing, I controlled the cleaning. Stopping one, stopped the other. I'm not serving meat to company either. I'm the cook. Now, I will use the knowledge that I gain to influence my grandchildren about their lifestyle choices.

We have seven stray dogs and eight stray cats at the moment. We are both old and decrepit, and we could be wintering in Florida or playing Bingo somewhere instead. The ones who are doing that are not happier than we are. I do a prison ministry and my husband does a phone ministry because of his deteriorating health.