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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Linda M. - 2 Dec 2009

In Reference to: Red Letter Day for Animal Rights

To quote from an unknown source - if abattoirs has glass walls most people would be vegetarian.

Once animals are used for profit their welfare is automatically compromised. For example - the battery chickens laying eggs are all female - what happens to the male chicks born? Recent undercover video footage showed us - chicks dumped on a conveyor belt, the males ones sorted, and thrown onto another belt - then fed alive into a grinder. yes there we have it, an economical solution to dealing with the 'waste 'from egg production.

I have seen chickens still alive going into the de-feathering machine, day old calves cowering in a soaking rain, no mother, no protection, just waiting for the meat truck, allowed to travel by law for 72 hours without water, 'minature 'ponies sent to slaughter yards because they are not small enough, millions and millions of sheep and cattle enduring horrific sea journeys to be slaughtered on the streets on the Middle East - streets literally running with blood, festivals that involve setting a bull's horns alight with pitch to die an agonising death.

And to bring it home again - in Victoria you are legally compliant if you only provide a horse with water once in 24 hours and a cow/sheep once in 36 hours.

Encyclopedias could be written on the litany of cruelty. What colour is shame?