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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Vivienne - 23 Nov 2009

In Reference to: Red Letter Day for Animal Rights

I find it hypocritical and disheartening that the churches that preach compassion and forgiveness and God's Love are still in the mould of the omnivores!

Many early Christians were vegetarian due to respect for Creation and animals. However, early Catholicism got rid of this one and forced them all to eat meat.

With all the mass killings and suffering of industrialised meat productions, surely Christians should be calling for an end to the suffering and blood-lust of meat.

People were permitted to eat some animals after the Flood, but only due to lack of food and as a concession to Sin. The original mythical human inhabitants of our planet, Adam and Eve, were vegan. The Garden of Eden is still plentiful and killing of animals is purely about taste and customs, not about "need".