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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Sharon - 16 Oct 2009

In Reference to: Double Standards in Animal World

As a child I often felt uncomfortable eating meat, especially after we looked after an abandoned lamb from a friend's farm and it really began to dawn on me where meat came from! I finally went vegetarian as an adult, then vegan a few years later - the most rewarding and ethical decision I have ever made.

Our two extremely healthy & energetic children have never eaten meat, and have been told the brutal truth (gently) about animal products from an early age. When I suggest to them that when they are older they may want to try some, they look at me horrified - but we love animals!

Our school curriculums should all include either tours and/or videos of extensive & intensive animal production and abattoirs. We tend to take immense joy and pride in educating children about veggie gardens, so why not adopt the same honest approach with animal production, that is if there is nothing wrong with it?