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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Vivienne - 15 Oct 2009

In Reference to: Double Standards in Animal World

There are massive and blaring inconsistencies on the way we as a society treat other living species. We are conditioned to think of some animals as food resources, or workers, some as pests, others novelties and others as companions. People bond with their cats and dogs, but the pigs in factory sheds are no doubt more intelligent than dogs, but live short cruel lives without compassion!

The most manipulative and cruelest species is no doubt homo sapiens! Most people think of themselves as carnivores, so eating meat is "natural". However, we physiologically more like the primates. They are mainly fruit/nut eaters, and up to 3% of the diets of chimps could be meat - much less than any human society. We are conditioned to think that flesh is the best food, but many vegans and vegetarians show that they avoid health problems and live longer with a balanced whole-food plant-based diet.