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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Susan - 8 Oct 2009

In Reference to: Withee Found Guilty of Dog Abuse Felonies

Dear Reverend Frank and Mary,

I read this article and just shook my head. It’s no surprise. Iowa’s laws are pitiful. But, they were even worse before the terrible incident that occurred at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Fairfield. Three teen-age men bludgeoned 27 cats with baseball bats. 17 died of their injuries. Some survived. Some escaped and were never found. This case of animal abuse got national coverage and that was rare in 1997. Some of the comments from the locals would have made most animal lovers gasp. Many felt that it was wrong to send kids to jail for something like this—after all, they were only animals!

Judge Wilson sentenced them to jail and then suspended their sentence. Essentially, they were just slapped on the wrist. The jury couldn’t establish a value for “homeless cats”. They would have had to have a value of at least $500 for the crime to be charged as a felony. Their act of breaking and entering the shelter was treated with more seriousness than the vicious beatings of those innocent cats. Chad Lamasky and Daniel Meyers’ names will never be forgotten. I still hold such hatred for them—God forgive me.

It seems that most states that are heavily agriculture in their makeup have very lax laws regarding animal cruelty. California is an exception and even here we have to fight tooth and nail at times. Why Governor Arnold, himself, wisecracked during the budget debacle that “legislators are more concerned with cows tails and in solving our budget mess” in response to the very reasonable bill to prevent cow tail docking—a cruel procedure.

Again, Reverend Frank, I am so very grateful for your website and your wonderful knowledge of the Bible and taking time to interpret it correctly—in a way that makes everyone see that God loves His creatures and the manner in which we treat them undoubtedly makes His heart break.

Peace and blessings,