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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Wendy - 28 Jul 2007

In Reference to: Kyoto Zoo Visit

Dear Born Free,

I'm not sure if I am emailing you in the right "spot" of your web site but here goes. I have recently been approached by some dear friends who have just returned home from a trip to Japan. They took their kids to the Kyoto Zoo and were horrified. The state of the animals was horrific!

They told me (and after I went online and searched the web for photos) there is a single Polar bear in a very small barred and cement cage just swaying and extremely tormented. A lone Elephant walking in circles on a cement slab with nowhere to roam. The Ostriches have no feathers as they have pulled them all out due to stress.

Is there anything being done? I have approached the WWF but they aren't interested in any campaign, I am also shocked that they have a donation box outside of this torture chamber they call a Zoo. Can you help me bring attention to these poor creatures before it is too late. I have been told that it is probably already too late to save the Polar Bear.

Thank you in advance for giving this your attention.

Yours Truly,