Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal


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Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal
By John - 15 May 2012


I just read your site and loved it.  I lost my pet dog Joey two weeks ago and I am sitting here in tears.  Thank you for a wonderful site.  I was searching to make sure that my baby did in fact go to heaven. 

I'm sorry this is so muddled, but I can't stop crying.  I feel as though my heart has exploded into so may pieces and scatted through the hole universe that I know I will never find all the pieces.  I really need to know that she went to Heaven and I will get to see and hold her again.  

I am in Colorado, Denver.   I am 66y/o and just don't think I want to go on.  I do have to because I do have other pets that do need me.  I am alone with only my pets. 

Joey was diabetic and went blind.  They told me she could have surgery and see again.  She did see for four days and had a reaction and died.  I'm not sure if I will stop crying.  I can't believe my heart is so broken. 

Again thanks for the article.  She just has to loved by God like I loved her and I just HAVE to see her again in Heaven.  If only God can tell me she is with him and well.