Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal


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Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal
Comments by Gail - 10 May 2011

In Reference to: Surviving the Pain of Pet Loss by Niki Behrikis Shanahan

Thanks for writing back and thank you deeply for praying for me and Sunshine, even though, when you were so kind it got me crying again. Just hearing someone remind me that she is with God now is so nice.

Just so you know as far as red meat and pork I've pretty much stopped eating it years ago and tell everyone the same thing, especially the cruel farming/slaughterhouse methods and how truly filthy they are.

I'm trying to go almost everything green for myself and the planet and try to buy organic foods for me and my pets, and also been trying with cosmetics and skin care the last number of years too. Even trying to go organic hair dye too. Global warming is soo sad and no joke. Even sadder for the animals because they didn't cause it humans did and we're suppose to be wiser than animals. They have no where left to enjoy their land almost anymore too, without big business invading them.

God Bless,