Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal


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Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal
Comments by Gail - 9 May 2011

In Reference to: Surviving the Pain of Pet Loss by Niki Behrikis Shanahan


I just had to put my little Angel Sunshine to sleep 2 hours ago. I'm 46 years old and have had kitties all my life but she was the most special. I can't stop crying.

She was over 17 years old and I got her when she was around 3 from my neighbors that got a tiny kitten and ignored her so when they let their kitten out of their bedroom Sunshine would attack it etc they said, which gee I wonder why? So they asked me if I would take her, being that I just had one older male cat, and they thought she won't dare attack him. So I took her, feeling sorry for her to have owners like them. I'm surprised she wasn't deaf because they played their stereo 23 hours a day for more than half of those first 3 years of her life, and played it so loud I couldn't even have a normal conversation with them when I was inside their place.

Sunshine was so smart, she always had to make sure I was looking at her when I talked to her, probably because no one did for so long to her. She was so happy to be with me I could tell, and she had the sweetest soul I've ever encountered in my life. I literally would have taken ten bullets for her, if I had to!!

Thank you for your article, it is the only thing I've read today that made me feel a tad better. I had a kitty that I had for almost 19 years that I had to have put down like 4 years ago, approximately, and it hurt but not like this kitty who I had for even less years. I will go on into your websites etc because I know I need to and I think you will help somewhat and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Love and blessings,