Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal


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Mourning the Death of a Companion Animal
Comments by ALC - 28 Apr 2007

The loss I feel for Monkey is felt more at night than at any other time of the day. She was a Black cat and when I came home from work on Christmas Eve my husband had to break the news to me that she had been hit by a car. I could not fathom God taking Monkey on Christmas Eve. She was only 19 months old. I always believed that we would have so many good years together.

No matter how much I know that she is in heaven the pain of not seeing her every day hurts so bad. I never had a cat that I grew so close to. She would lay with us at night sometimes on her back and reach her paw up to touch my face. I use to talk to her, Monkey, you bite my nose? But you can't bite your Mama's nose to hard cause you've got big choppers, you could hurt your Mama. You don't want to hurt your Mama, she would reach up and gently bite my nose.

I use to tell her that she was my kitty cat friend and that I was her human mommy, that she had a real mommy but I was her human mommy here on earth.

Monkey had the loudest purr I have ever heard and as soon as you would pet her or pick her up she would start to purr.

I could write more about her and it feels good to write about her as the tears come down my face. I know that time on earth is really short in God's eyes and that someday I will see her again.

It is funny, of all the human loss I have suffered I could never imagine that the loss of Monkey would hurt my heart like this. I can see all of my family members and friends that I have lost in Heaven and I am comforted. I wonder why the pain of Monkey is so intense. And yet when I feel so sad like this it is as if I can hear her talking to me and bringing me comfort, telling me not to be so sad to know that she is right here with me, Mama don't cry I am still with you, even though you cannot see me I am still here with you. You must not be so sad, feel the love of my heart to you, breath deep, do you feel that love? Yes, as sad as my heart feels I do feel that love Monkey I feel that bond of love that God blessed us with and I feel that someday in Heaven our level of communication will exist on this higher plane of understanding. This understanding that you are conveying now to me trying to make me think, to believe, to know on a different and higher level of communication that all that I am feeling is real.

Our thoughts, our love can cross over between the bounds of Heaven and Earth. There really are only three things that last; faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love. This love that I feel easily for the friends and family I have lost that are in Heaven now does exist on a level between human and animal. This is the lesson that you were sent here to teach me. My heart and soul and everything about me wants me to throw that last bit of doubt and sadness away and feel that which is so real. Monkey it feels so real that it feels as though your beautiful little face is resting against my cheek and my heart and soul are filling up with such peace. You were called home on Christmas Eve, on the birth of our Savior. I see you reaching up looking into the manager and baby Jesus is smiling at you. Heaven sent you to me to teach me such a profound knowledge.

Our brains, our thoughts can rise far above this earthly plane and we can see where our earthly journey is leading us to. There has been so much sadness here on earth, so much tragedy that never really had to be if only mankind had learned to follow and live by God's ten commandments. Mankind has had it in their ability to create Heaven on Earth but for some reason has never attained it in and for itself, instead choosing all of the wrong actions that for over 6000 years now as created a History of War and Hate, Poverty and Murder.

Why would the brains and thoughts of mankind not take this beautiful planet that God gave to us with all of its beauty and wonder and cherish it?

It just does not even make any kind of common sense. Mankind has not even exercised common sense. Humanity needs to start embracing new thought patterns on a global level. We cannot continue to exist in this stupidity realm.

We turn on the TV and watch 175 people dying from a car bomb and a civil war going out of control and a college student killing his fellow students and professors. Is this the level of human intelligence we have obtained?

Why would we even bother going to the moon and wasting all of that money, for what? We have not got it right here on earth yet but oh yeah we just discovered another planet out there in the universe.

Wake up planet earth and all of you that exist here. There are only three things that last, faith hope and love. We need to focus in and stop being so stupid. Did you see those pictures in Baghdad and Virginia. Just how stupid is the human race going to continue acting like. We have put this sick killer's face on every newspaper in the world. How smart is that.

I have left my thoughts about Monkey and have gone off in a whole other direction. Bye, I am going to e-mail my local newspaper.