Jesus, Demons, and pigsMark 5:1-20 Jesus, Demons, and Pigs
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By A. J. Fecko - 18 October 2020

Some commentaries argue that this shows that to help a human, one can destroy a herd of pigs. However, that's clearly not the point of this account, if only for the simple fact that the Lord didn't need the pigs for the exorcism. The demons themselves acknowledged that He could send them where he willed (though we really shouldn't need their testimony to be aware that this is so). So Christ honored the demons request even though He didn't need to for the exorcism. Looking at this from a pig farmer's perspective, why would Jesus steal his sustenance. We're never told specifically why it happened this way. We are all in the Lord's hands, and why we pass when we do is always a mystery.

Maybe the pigs death by slaughter would have been much worse than drowning. Slaughter methods could be very inhumane. Some commentaries state that the wording of some versions of the Greek text are ambiguous as to whether the pigs or demons are described as having been smothered [to cut off wind or spirit] in the sea. If the latter, it should be considered that it was commonly believed that running water could brake the power of demons, (and pigs can swim). Perhaps this account has some kind of baptismal significance. Either way though, the herd was clearly lost to its owners since the keepers immediately fled. We should know regardless, whatever our Lord does is the best for all.

A J Fecko

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