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Mark 5:1-20 Jesus, Demons, and Pigs


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Mark 5:1-20 Jesus, Demons, and Pigs
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 23 Nov 2012

Dear Zuzana:

Please call me Frank.

Your understanding about animals is correct, and that is why you sense the difference, as animal do, for you have not hardened your heart against the unction of the Holy Spirit.

Going back to the pigs: Yes, we believe Jesus knew the intent of their hearts and souls, just like He does ours, but he also knew that these pigs were only being raised for slaughter (a much worse death), over which they had no control, and from which human beings learn absolutely nothing, as history proves. By the example set before us by Jesus, these pigs could choose their own destiny, which has remained a lasting reminder of their Godliness all through these past two thousand years.

We hope this helps.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary