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Mark 5:1-20 Jesus, Demons, and Pigs


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Mark 5:1-20 Jesus, Demons, and Pigs
By Zuzana - 21 Nov 2012


First of all, I want t express my deepest compliments and appreciation for Your website which has such wonderful materials and such integrity. I have long been vegan, but it is Your wonderful website that turned me from agnosticism towards Christianity. I particularly very much enjoy learning about the Saints, particularly Saint Blaise.

My question which I was hoping You please would have insight into is: in the book Animal Liberation, the author Peter Singer writes “Jesus himself is describes as showing apparent indifference to the fate of non-humans when he induced two thousand swine to hurl themselves into the sea – an act which was apparently quite unnecessary , since Jesus was well able to cast out devils without inflicting them upon any other creature” as described in Mark 5:13. I just find it a very surprising passage in light of Jesus’ overall kindness and compassion and obviously as a vegan it is very upsetting to hear a statement  Jesus was indifferent to animals.  It is very troubling to me. Since You are most learned on the topic can You please tell me what are Your views/interpretations on this?

Thank You very much,

With kind regards,