David Ludwig: A Case of Violent Results from Being Taught Violence
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David Ludwig: A Case of Violent Results from Being Taught Violence
Comments by Jeanette - 15 Nov 2006

I was not talking about tolerance. I was talking about understanding. literally. Only when you understand evil can you choose not to do evil things. with understanding comes knowledge. then you can choose what to tolerate and what not to.

For example: many people eat veal, eggs, milk, etc. without knowing the kind of torture the animals go through. they don't understand, or choose not to. because they don't understand, they tolerate.

I also disagree with your opinion that animals eating other animals is wrong. humans and every other creature are made to need certain nutrients, often found in animals. killing for food, as long as it is done humainly, is part of god's plan. without it, the balance of life would be thrown off. when their population becomes too great, animals end up starving, disease wipes them out, etc. disease and starvation are also horrible ways to die. is it not cruel to promote this type of death?

Death is part of life. from the beginning of time, animals have eaten other animals to survive. it is all part of something we call nature. nature was created by god to sustain itself. who are you to decide that a system created by god is wrong?

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