David Ludwig: A Case of Violent Results from Being Taught Violence
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David Ludwig: A Case of Violent Results from Being Taught Violence
Comments by Jeanette - 14 Nov 2006

"Apparently the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, were never something that he understood or believed. He may as well have  been carrying a dictionary, for all he seems to have read were words."  Recognize this?? on your post on David Ludwig... and violence
Unfortunately, the bible isn't even as good as a dictionary because the words aren't defined and people interpret them however they wish.  Did you ever notice how the bible can be used to defend nearly anything and dispute it at the same time? david's case is one overwhelmingly perfect example of people who claim to be Christian doing horrible things. yet, Christians continue to shun people strictly based on their belief (or lack thereof) in Jesus.

 I don't believe in jesus. i have a good relationship with god, though,  and i will meet him one day. (and, no, i don't capitolize god, because  that isn't his name. i think that people who think they know his name  are extremely arrogant and misled) i enjoy watching horror movies and  reading murder mysteries. my favorite are when they are based on true  events. i enjoy shooting guns, although i have never hunted. i play  violent video games (my favorite is Halo, if you've ever heard of it.)  during the scattered opportunities i have to play them. this does not  make me a violent or bad person. i am an extremely loving mother of an 11 month old boy. he's my light and my joy. i attend college, work 45 hours a week, spend all of my free time with my son. i am raising him  to love and respect people and life and to work hard and enjoy the  things in life that he has earned and been given (and to know the  difference). i enjoy cooking and sewing. i love animals and respect nature.

My point in all of this (and i don't mean to pick on you, your article  just sparked my thoughts) is that most christians spend too much time  criticizing others based on things (such as whether or not they  believe in "Jesus" or if they watch violent t.v. shows) that don't  matter instead of seeing people for who they are. i am in love with a  man who grew up watching horror movies as if they were disney. he is  also an extremely caring and kind indiviual. it wasn't what he was  watching that made him who he is, it is the love his parents showed  him. instead of preaching jesus and abstinence from all things bad,  (because what you are really preaching is fear, which leads to  blindness) i think you should be preaching tolerance, open-mindedness,  and awareness. open-mindedness above all. not that everyone should  agree with everything, but everyone should have an open ear for  everything. the person who has no knowledge of something is most in  danger of it. knowledge leads to understanding. the only way you can defeat your enemy is to, first, understand him.
Protect your fellow man. preach understanding...

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