Love Notes


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Love Notes
By Suzana - 14 Jul 2011

In Reference to Our Love Notes Series

Happy Anniversary!

What a lovely picture of two beautiful people who love God's creation with all their heart. You are both so lucky to have each other. And indeed may the next 25 years be blest and happy ones for you as you work to make this a better place for the animal kingdom on this earth.

I will be remembering you in my liturgy and rosary for as many days as I can remember. Writing it down in my gratitude journal will help. I think you will enjoy my small post on that which I will be sending to you today. Maybe besides your other many, many duties, both of you may keep a gratitude journal, but then I don't think you need to.

Each day I believe for you is one of gratitude to have each other and to work tirelessly for the animals.

God bless.