Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?


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Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Jerry Zavage - 12 Feb 2011

In Reference to: Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

Dear Hoffmans, Brother and Sister in Jesus,

I'm vegetarian, near vegan, out of compassion for animals. I grew up in that Pennsylvania hunting culture and then by the grace of God out grew it. While I am in complete agreement with you position on hunting and some positions of the Catholic church leadership on a number of types of human behavior, I think you may be in danger behaving with a bit of the sin of arrogance and hatred in your article on the Catholic Christian Church and hunting. Jesus tells us that no one will live and sin not, that all of us are sinners and thus in need of the grace of God and the love and forgiveness of our fellow humans. He knows our hearts and loves us anyway. So when you talk about the "true nature of hunters" I think that has to be tempered and constrained so as not to include the whole nature of the human person who hunts, just that part of their nature that blinds them and hardens their hearts to the need to love God's animals and treat them with compassion.

I can testify that the Rev. Zavage, his father, and especially his grandfather, also Michael Zavage, lived their lives as near to Jesus as humanly possible. They and their families were and are honest, sober, hard working, moral, faithful to their wives and children, compassionate to humans and animals (except for hunting --- and there were ameliorating factors for Rev. Zavage's ancestors in this matter), poor in wealth and in spirit. Hate the sin and not the sinner. They are "sociopaths" only in regard to hunting, not in general. I know the hearts and souls of the Zavage family and know of some of their acts of love to their fellow humans that could have been enabled only by their love of God. You may harm our shared cause of animal welfare (and thus human welfare) if you condemn hunters and their ancestors in general and all of their behavior rather than focusing just on correcting their sin of killing animals for amusement. I know the love of the Father is in Rev. Zavage. I also know he needs to repent of his ignorance and taught behavior regarding the welfare of animals. We all need to repent of something. Jesus tells us so.

With wishes for continued success in your ministry and may health, peace, joy, and the love of God be with you, As I write this Major John Zavage, a third cousin of Rev. Zavage, just returned from a second year of working and risking his life in Iraq to stop the Kurds and Arabs from killing each other. He hunts too, but he also saved lives at the risk of loosing his own. It wasn't that long ago that Captains Lisa Zavage and Julie Zavage returned from the military in war zones helping save the lives of innocent people. They don't hunt but don't condemn it either. Dr. Michelle Zavage works long hours as a medical resident to restore human lives to health, she is a vegan, opposes hunting, and has compassion for humans and animals. So please leave the judgment up to God, just tell your brother of his error and ask him to stop erring. Tell him over and over if you have to. I also think it in order to offer an apology to the Zavage name for the blanket, rather than hunting specific condemnation presented in your article.

Jerry Zavage