Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?


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Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Stephen Augustine - 23 Dec 2010

In Reference to: Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

I'm not altogether clear on the turn that this discussion has taken. Frank asked for feedback on his thoughts on Mike Zavage but now we're discussing pacifism and/or intervention by force. Personally, I strongly believe in nonviolent intervention though the nonviolent part of it might have me termed as a pacifist by many. However, I don't believe in violent intervention or the use of "force" - though we may all have different interpretations of "force". I would consider the life of Jesus to have been forceful (among other things) but I don't see him as ever using violence or condoning the use of violence.

Personally, I find that Mike Zavage's hunting activities to be cruel, despicable and morally reprehensible. However, I have pointed out the horrors of modern factory farming to many ordinary people and have handed out many, many copies of videos such as Meat Your Meat and yet many of these people have not changed their meat-eating habits in the least. In comparing the suffering that factory-farmed animals endure versus the killing of a wild deer I'm convinced that the factory farming is a far worse sin. Are those who are made aware and yet continue to participate in factory farming agents of Satan too? What sort of "force" should we take to stop what they are doing?