Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?


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Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Steve Kaufman - 18 Dec 2010

In Reference to: Is Mike Zavage a Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

I think Stephen has offered some valuable comments on Frank and Mary's thoughtful article.

In my view, a person's actions can be satanic, even if there is no ill-intent. Out of ignorance, often a result of a living in a culture that never questions the morality of certain abusive practices, people have done some terrible things that I would describe as satanic. The danger is that it can be tempting to call the people themselves satanic, because this becomes an excuse for seeking to destroy them "in the name of God." Indeed, historically, when humans have been bent on victimizing other individuals, the first step has been to demonize them, for example by condemning their habits or their religious beliefs. When it comes to nonhuman animals, people typically express contempt for the animals they abuse, such as pigs, chickens, and other farmed animals.

All this being said, we must work vigorously to stop those who, perhaps due to satanic cultural traditions, victimize innocent individuals. Sometimes our work might require force if it is to be successful, even force that might cause harm. Most of us believe that we are justified in using force to stop people who, for example, are bent on raping or murdering humans. How do we determine when such force is justified? Can similar force in defense of animals be justified? If not, why not?