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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Why did God stop writing to us after the Bible was written?
Answer by Frank L. Hoffman - 18 May 2003

Dear Colin and Others:

Today, I baked a dozen spelt-barley sandwich rolls, and your question reminds me very much of the bread-making process. You grind the grain, you add the water, yeast, and sometimes other ingredients and mix them all together into a stiff ball, and then you knead it, let it rise, perhaps knead again, and let it rise again, and then you bake it. If you over-knead the bread, it won't rise any more. And once it is baked, it can no longer be kneaded again or baked again.

I believe, by your question, that you desire to knead the Bible again and make it into something else.

This is not the first time that God has been silent, though it is the longest time of Him not speaking out loud. Before Jesus' incarnation, there were 400 years of silence from the time of the last of the minor prophets. Prior to that there were shorter periods of silence.

The Hebrew Bible was basically codified as we know it today sometime around the beginning of that 400 years of silence. All of the Hebrew ingredients were mixed together and kneaded into a loaf of the historical Word of God, and it was left to rise in the soul, spirit, and minds of the people for 400 years, until Jesus put it in the oven and baked it with His message of love. As Debra said, it's all there, we don't need anything else.

We are now in the time of eating. Those who eat of the Word of God find it fulfilling and they overflow with love and compassion, because they seek the kingdom of God. But others try to steal the Word and hide it away and it gets stale and moldy, and what they eat is greatly distorted, but that doesn't mean that the original bread needs to be rebaked. All it means is that to taste of the true Bread of Life, one must eat only of the original loaf, and not of the rotten loaf.

Silence is in the rotten loaf, but the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit can still be heard in the eating of the Bread that Jesus baked.

We don't need a new revelation, we simply need to live by the revelation we've been given of kingdom living.

What could be more modern or more timely than:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Pray for the heavenly will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven, with its perfect peace and love.

All the problems we have in the world today are the result of people trying to find ways around these simple truths in order to try to find a way to justify their sins and evil intent.

Enjoy the Bread we have. It's great! Enjoy it by itself, or make it into a sandwich with the good things in life, and we will stand as beacons of light and life and love; witnessing the truth to a world gone mad with self indulgence.

In the Love of the Lord,


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