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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Jesus and the Bible
Answer by Frank L. Hoffman - 4 May 2003

Dear Colin and Others:

Before addressing the basic question, I think it's important to comment on your preamble. I believe that all living souls (all animal life, including us) have been created with the ability to recognize God's presence, and to hear the unction of the Holy Spirit. Thus, none of us needs to "find" God, we simply need to listen and obey.

Now for the questions!

The Bible is not a stagnant collection of writings. It is a living and active work that adapts itself to all times and places without requiring any changes. Though, I must add that most translations do need some correction, such as the way the translators distorted the fact that both humans and the other animals are all living souls. This is something that I believe Jesus would also comment about.

Nevertheless, Jesus would consider the Bible to be a complete and accurate guide for our times. He would not question the intent of any portion of the Bible, though He would most definitely verbally chastise most Jewish and Christian leaders for their hardness of heart and for the way they have interpreted and applied God's word, and led their members astray. In other words, Jesus would indeed accept the Bible 100%, but not the way it is being applied, just as He did 2000 years ago.

I believe that Jesus would indeed quote from the Bible and remind people of His teachings. He would not change the message, but teach how it should be applied in our time, and through all times, because God's word does not change.

I personally don't believe that the Bible has been influenced by Satan, but as I said above, most translators seem to have been so tempted, particularly when it comes to the animal issues, such as having souls and spirits and being in heaven. Think about the subtlety of this: how can Christians truly be loving and compassionate peacemakers, when they constantly bloody themselves with the lives of animals, and treat many of their fellow humans in similar ways.

I also don't believe that we inadvertently take wrong paths, but I do believe that we choose our pathways for both selfish and compassionate reasons (we want to retain our hardness of heart and pride of "ownership", or we want to get away from the hardness of others).

Many people throughout time have made profound statements, some following God's word and others countering it. I believe that in today's world, Jesus would use some of these statements to amplify His teachings and point out how people properly apply and misapply God's intent.

The problems we have today do not come from the Bible, but from its misapplication from people who want to find ways to justify their ungodly acts.

In the Love of the Lord,



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