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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Jesus and the Bible
Question by Colin Sky Godfrey - 3 May 2003

Hi Frank, all...

There are many routes to God as God is all things...and we come from all parts of Earth, as insects, animals, fish, birds, humans to find God...

The Divine System of Things...Realisation and participation... are two steps to enter this world...

We come from all walks of life, experiences, beliefs... all equal in the eyes of God.

His sun rises on the evil and on the good, and sendeth the rain on the just and on the unjust." Lord Jesus, Matthew 5: 44-45

Question 11 concerns pondering what Jesus would think of the Bible today, 2003. Would He consider it a complete and adequate guide for these times...?

Would He question the Bible? Or accept it 100%?

Would he start quoting from the Bible...or would He launch forward with Modern ideas and thinking...?

Is there a chance perhaps the Serpent got a few words in the Bible under the guise of God's words? And that some less realised followers of Christ... have inadvertently taken wrong paths...? Along with others of all denominations and beliefs...?

Would He regret more wise words, from other sources, that are not included in God's Book... to further enlighten GOD'S followers...?

What Frank, do you think Jesus would make of Today's Bible in all honesty?

As usual Frank... it is an open ended set of questions. Feel free to articulate as you wish. The Mountain is yours.

Peace... Colin Sky


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