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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: Will Christians Ever Restore the Teachings of Jesus to Their Governments?
Answer by Frank L. Hoffman - 31 Mar 2003

Dear Colin and Others:

The world has been living in various states of warring madness for thousands of years, and so called Christian nations have joined the frenzy. The problem is that Christians should know better.

Your reference to the United States and Great Britain as Christian nations is somewhat out of context. The nations are basically secular, but inhabited by Christians, relatively few of whom truly strive to follow Christ.

The majority of "Christians" seem to follow a diluted version of Christianity in which the ideals of Jesus Christ are see only as some kind of future way of living, which are impossible for us to follow in this day and age, so they cease trying. They incorporate politics into their religion and say it's Christ's teaching, though not in so many words, but it is evident in their lives. It is a secularized, and politicized, Christianity that rarely follows the true Prince of Peace. And, as a result, Christ and Christianity get blamed.

I doubt if we will or should live under a theocracy until Jesus returns, because we still argue over simple doctrinal differences instead of joining together in the perfect love of God. All elected governments are a reflection of the people. When people begin to truly follow Christ's teaching, then and only then will governments begin to seem Christ-like.

One of the sign of the approaching end times are wars and rumors of wars, which have been going on since these words were recorded 2,000 years ago.

The more of us that witness for Jesus Christ with our lives (words are cheap) the more people will begin to believe in His teachings. This simply hasn't been happening, and Gandhi said that this was the reason that Christianity never took hold in India. It also requires us to get out of our inner circles and reach out to the world around us.

When I was in church ministry, I saw the same congregations year after year. In the eleven years we were at Federated, we may have encountered a thousand different people, and to the best of my knowledge none of them became vegan, but several committed their lives to Christ.

Today on the internet, we have contact with five times as many people in a single day, and we are seeing people committing their lives to Christ and becoming vegan every day. Even Jesus said that a prophet is not heard in his own community. And, we need to remember that every true peace-loving and peace-living Christian is a prophet.

We need to put aside our differences and celebrate our commonalties, and minister in each others land as reflections of our Lord and Savior. Until we learn to get along together, why would anyone else want to join us in the love of God. Here we have a list of brothers and sisters with whom we can practice. If we learn to have true and lasting peace on the List, perhaps we can change the whole world...

In the Love of the Lord,


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